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Club Course Guide - Stroke Saver

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Last Updated: Thu, 11 Oct, 2018 @ 12:25 PM

Hole 1 - 325m Par 4

This opening hole doglegs to the left and requires a centre right tee shot opening the green up for the approach. While not a long hole, accuracy from the tee is a premium. Try to keep your 2nd shot below the hole.

Hole 2 - 336m Par 4

This hole is a short and straight par four with strategically placed fairway bunkers on the right side of the fairway, hidden from view off the tee. Longer drives left of centre can run left into the trees. The approach plays slightly downhill to a generous green sloping back to front. The back bunker quite often gets a workout!

Hole 3 - 522m Par 5

This par five requires a tee shot left of centre. Grassy mounds guard the right side of the fairway. The second shot requires a lay up right centre of the fairway allowing the best angle for a short to mid iron approach up the green. Approach shots are better left under the hole with a back to front and right to left sloping green. Only the longest of hitters can reach this hole in 2 shots.

Hole 4 - 380m Par 4

This is a long, uphill par four that plays longer than its true yardage. A tee shot centre left allows for the best angle for a mid to long iron approach to a green that slopes from back to front and right to left. Short right of the green is a hidden bunker that comes into play commonly with front pin positions. The stats suggest that this is the hardest hole on the front 9.

Hole 5 - 171m Par 3

The first of the par three's presents a challenging downhill mid to long tee shot requiring good distance control. Large mounds left of the green can bring fortune or doom depending on the bounce of the ball. Short is the place to miss it.

Hole 6 - 373m Par 4

This straightaway par four requires a tee shot left of the fairway traps situated on the right side. A short to mid iron into a tricky green, featuring subtle undulations, requires pinpoint accuracy. Approach shots landing close to the green's edges are likely to feed back off the green. The green slopes from front to back. A par here is a great score.

Hole 7 - 132m Par 3

This is a short, but fateful par three that can make a fool out of the best golfers. Good distance control is essential for being on the same tier as the hole. A bail out into the sand trap on the left will leave a deft trap shot back towards the water hazard. Balls landing close to the right edge of the green are likely to feed to the right and into the hazard. Gold Creek's Signature Hole.

Hole 8 - 312m Par 4

This is a short, straight away par four that is strengthened by strategically placed fairway bunkers both right of the fairway and short of the green. A well-placed tee shot into the centre of the fairway will leave a short to mid iron approach to a narrow gutted green that slopes left to right. The suggested play is a fairway wood off the tee leaving a short iron into the green.

Hole 9 - 460m Par 5

A chance to make some ground up, this short par five with a generously wide fairway requires a centre right tee shot. A lay up to the right side of the fairway allows for the best approach up a kidney shaped, two tiered green. 2 good shots can lead to a birdie!

Hole 10 - 404m Par 4

The 10th fairway is generously wide and requires a right of centre tee shot. Stray tee shots to the left of the fairway will flirt with a lateral hazard that runs the length of the hole. The green is also guarded by water hazards both in front and to the right of the green. This leaves for an accurate approach to a left to right sloping green or a lay up short of the hazard. Make your par here and run to the next tee!

Hole 11 - 389m Par 4

The 11th is a dogleg to the right starting with an uphill tee shot that is best played left of centre. The approach is dramatically downhill to a kidney shaped green that slopes back to front and left to right. It's best to be under the hole for putting on this green. One of the most exciting second shots in all of the ACT.

Hole 12 - 122m Par 3

A short par three with a back to front sloping green and a bunker guarding the right side of the green. Tee shots both left and long will flirt with grassy mounds, leaving a very difficult chip shot. Scores from 2 all the way to 5 can be made easily here!

Hole 13 - 363m Par 4

Rated index 1, this is a strong uphill, dogleg right par four that requires a well-placed tee shot left of centre that will open up the green for the approach. The approach plays much longer than its true yardage, requiring at least one to two extra clubs. The green is two tiered and can be treacherous putting from above the hole.

Hole 14 - 517m Par 5

A par five with a spectacular downhill tee shot from an elevated tee. The fairway is a double dogleg that requires a right centre tee shot. The fairway then meanders back to the right and up to the green. The approach shot is to a long, narrow gutted green that is protected by a bunker on the right and grassy mounds to the left. Play it safe as a 3 shot hole and be content with a par 5.

Hole 15 - 164m Par 3

This is a challenging long par three that requires precise distance control from the tee. A shallow but wide kidney shaped green leaves no room for error either short or long. Protected by a yearning, deep bunker at the front and long rough over the back of the green, par on this hole is always a great score. Always watch out for the wind on this tee.

Hole 16 - 462m Par 5

This is a par five which doglegs back around to the left and up hill to the green. The fairway slopes from the right, requiring a right of centre tee shot. Too far right will find a crop of ball gobbling rocks and mounds that make life difficult. Through the dog leg on the right is a water hazard that comes into play with the second shot. The green is elevated and protected by bunkers both right and to the left, requiring both good distance control and accuracy on the approach.

Hole 17 - 390m Par 4

This is a unique par four which requires good strategy from the tee. A drive to the top of the hill leaves a dramatic downhill approach to the green. Stray tee shots to the right will find a difficult to play from, rocky outcrop and shots that go over the hill on the left side of the fairway are a chance of feeding down into a water hazard. The smart approach shot will err right and short of the pin with difficult chipping from both left and long of the green.

Hole 18 - 395m Par 4

This is a straight forward but long par four to finish, playing uphill and slightly longer than its true yardage. Fairway bunkers guard the right side of the fairway and a lateral hazard runs the length of the hole on the left. The green is guarded on the left side by a bunker and water hazard even further left leaving an approach shot that is better to be played slightly right of the pin.

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