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A new approach to membership!

Forgive the obvious pun, but if golf is your passion then BlackCap membership at Gold Creek Country Club should suit you to a tee.

It is unashamedly unlike any golf membership you have seen before.

Not only does BlackCap Membership offer outstanding value of money but it comes with a range of previously unheard of complimentary products, discounts and lifestyle services.

Inclusions in your Annual BlackCap Membership;

* These items can only be redeemed by monthly members after a 6 month payment period.

There is also an option of BlackCap lite for members of Gold Creek Country Club. The 2 main differences are;

* There is no Gym component included

* Range balls are charged at 50% of the full rate.

For further information on BlackCap Membership, please call the Golf Shop on 1300 11GOLF

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